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New Adult Contemporary Romance

‘He doesn’t love me.’

Casey’s been living with her boyfriend, Kyle for three years. Are her instincts right, or could insecurities be flaring? She knows their closest friends, Aster and Matt, are keeping secrets from her–secrets about Kyle.

For Aster the issue isn’t whether Matt loves her. It’s that he has no ambition and suddenly has decided to become a Jesus freak. Her own relationship problems are difficult enough, but how can she tell her best friend, Casey what Kyle has done?

The answer becomes moot when something so shattering occurs, it makes everything these four friends have been through together seem trivial. In the wake of true tragedy, who will rise? And who will fall?

Rated M for mature. Contains graphic language and adult content.


 ~ the sequel to Broken and Beautiful ~

New Adult Contemporary Romance

Drunk and Disorderly…

That’s what she was the ominous night Ryan finally saw Aster again. But she wants nothing to do with him and neither do her friends, Casey and Kyle. Why would they? Ryan knows he can never live up to Aster’s dead husband’s legacy.

Kyle believes his marriage to Casey is going great, despite past traumas. Except that now he’s faced with a life-threatening decision Casey can’t abide—a decision that could destroy them forever.

With too many choices, and a child’s wellbeing at stake, love won’t be enough to sustain any of them… or is it the only thing that can?

Rated M for mature. Contains graphic language and adult content.


Historical Romantic Suspense

One Fine Beast Unveiled Part I

One Fine Beast Front Cover

Is He a Beast or an Angel?

Gabriel Drayton is cruel, ruthless and severely deformed. Lilly Hawthorne accepts a position as tutor to his six-year-old daughter, only to discover the rumors about her employer are frighteningly true. She is revolted, but has no choice. To save her sister from a dire financial predicament, Lilly agrees to marry him. Strangely, the man she shares a bed with is nothing like the vulgar creature she endures during the day. Lilly is left to wonder, will she ever uncover what’s truly hidden beneath her husband’s mask?

One Fine Man – Unveiled Part II

One Fine Man Front Cover

He must protect his family at all costs!

No one sees his face. Not his daughter and certainly not his beautiful bride. Gabriel Drayton knows Lilly married him for his money… for what woman could ever love a scarred, disgusting beast like him? The only thing he has to offer is the security of his isolated ancestral home, where he believes they will be safe. But he is wrong! Death threats keep coming–just like those that plagued him four years ago. And this time they’re aimed at his wife and unborn child!


Romantic Comedy set in the 1950s

Moonlit Haze Cover
Oh, Garfield, what are you going to do?

You’re stuck in a mountain cabin during a blizzard. You have no electricity, no phone and no way to get out. And your brother’s childhood sweetheart, the most annoying, Chloe Patterson–who doesn’t even remember you!–has just invaded your comfortable solitary world.

This romantic comedy will leave you in stitches, as Gar and Chloe figure out how to get past their numerous misconceptions and realize they were always meant to be together.


Historical Romantic Suspense


Concealing Grace Front Cover

Sometimes a Hero is Needed!

The Civil War is over, but the South’s troubles have not ended. The Ku Klux Klan holds power and their terror is growing worse by the day. Amidst this turmoil, out of the darkness a masked nightrider emerges. His mission seems simple–to reign equal terror on them!

Torn between loyalty to her family and admiration for this enigmatic vigilante, Jessica Emerson has vowed to do everything she can to help him. But first she must figure out who he is, for she knows by word of her own father, that if the Klan finds out, they will kill him!


Saving Grace Front Cover

Not everything is always as it first appears…

There is nothing Jessica regrets more than agreeing to marry former Confederate Captain Jon Kinsley. She fell prey to his gentlemanly ways, only to discover he is a ruthless bigot and active leader within the Klan. There is only one friend left to her–the Reverend Sebastian Nash–the same man she strongly suspects is the South’s greatest hero!

But, when Jon Kinsley’s life hangs in the balance, and secrets are revealed that leave Jessica reeling, there’s only one choice left. Will she be able to forgive those who have hurt her the most? And will love be enough to save a life?

Saving Grace is Volume Two of THE GRACE SERIES. It contains some graphic violence and sexual situations.


Healing Grace Front Cover

He must protect his family…

Murderers have already taken one life. For Etienne Grace all that matters is ensuring those he loves are safe, even if it means manipulating others to do so, including the pretty schoolteacher. But Constance isn’t as innocent as she appears. All along, she’s been manipulating him!

Etienne is determined to see her brought to justice, but how can he when she’s the only person who can subdue the demons that haunt him? How can he when she’s the only one who can restore his wounded heart?

The remaining two books in the series, Forgiving Grace and Redeeming Grace, are coming soon!

Forgiving Grace Front Cover

Forgiving Grace Front Cover


FORGIVING GRACE – Historical Romantic Suspense, the fourth in the Grace Series. Which of the Grace brothers is in trouble now? Could it be attorney, and gifted artist, Adrien. Or, is it the youngest, and most irresponsible of the four–Leo? Leo’s expected to show for Etienne’s wedding, but he doesn’t, and that sends everyone into a tailspin, especially Adrien. These beguiling brothers have no idea what deeply rooted family secrets will be revealed while they’re on the hunt.

REDEEMING GRACE – Historical Romantic Suspense, the fifth in the Grace Series. Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and sometimes sins of the past can’t be redeemed. Or can they?

SACRIFICE – Historical Romantic Suspense. Surely throughout the war with Napoleon, Wellington had a network of spies–spies both on the continent and left behind in England.

A GENTLEMAN’S LAUGHTER – Historical Romantic Comedy. What does one do when the most successful business man in town never cracks a smile? It’s up to one daring young lady to figure it out.

LEGACY* – Historical Romantic Suspense (Western). Sarah’s beloved Aunt has passed, but she left a letter behind along with a request that Sarah deliver it in person. To do so, she must go all the way to Texas! What will she do when she discovers the intended recipient is dead too?

UNTITLED* – Psychological Thriller, Historical Romance. This one, as yet without a title, has the potential to end up as a series. It chronicles the lives of two people beginning with childhood during World War I. Eventually their paths cross and when they do…beware!

ZERO TO FOUR – A LEAP OF FAITH – Autobiographical memoire of the Brian and Elizabeth’s journey taking in four young foster children.

A MOTHER’S JOURNEY* – This is the true story of a mother whose son, born in the 1960s, suffered austism and brain injury. Back then, most children so diagnosed, would have been institutionalized. This mother refused to let her son endure that fate. Through her extraordinary efforts, his life was changed.

*Title may change.

And maybe, just maybe, for those of you who are Garfield Hayes (Moonlit Haze) fans, a children’s series could possibly emerge, featuring Madison and her sidekick elf, Georgie, hailing titles such as:

    • The King’s Palace
    • The Sense of an Elf
    • The Wisdom of a Warrior
  • The Ice Tombs